Presezzi Extrusion Group 是客户可以完全信赖的创新型公司,公司管理团队致力于以技术来推动企业发展,长期不断地加大在研发方面的投入。

P为什么 Presezzi Extrusion Group:

  • 具有行业内的高度专业化水平;

  • 在提供完整系统和单个设备方面保证最大的灵活性;

  • 研发, 这是我们最重要的投资领域之一,其中,我们利用最好的技术/设计资源,为客户提供节能解决方案、完整的生产管理程序和卓越的挤压制品质量,并帮助客户降低生产成本。
  • 实际产品过程和服务之间实现最佳协同;

  • 全面解决方案提供商,简化客户财务管理,并按时交付整套系统。

  • 了解客户需求 这是我们另一个优先考虑事项。多年以来不断满足客户的不同需求,根据客户具体要求定制系统类型,并提高生产效能。

Together for Complete Extrusion Lines:

Coim - Gas-fired billet heaters


  • Gas-fired billet heaters
  • Aluminum, Hard Alloys, Brass, Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Hot logs shears for aluminum logs
  • Hot log saws for aluminum logs
  • Heat treatment furnaces (batch or continuous) for bars, rods and tubes
  • Automatic handling machines and storages for billets and logs
Presezzi Extrusion - Extrusion Presses

Presezzi Extrusion

  • Complete Extrusion Lines
  • Turn key main contractor
  • Extrusion Presses
  • Aluminium, Hard Alloy, Copper and Brass, Shaped Profiles, Solid Profiles, Rods and Hollow Shaped Profiles
  • Scalper system
  • Billets Descaler
  • Intensive cooling
  • Tooling press spare part
  • Revamping of existing press
  • Revamping of existing extrusion plant
Profile Automation - Automatic wrapping lines

Profile Automation

  • Automatic wrapping lines
  • Adhesive film application
  • Box preparation
  • Strapping lines
  • Packing line for PVC
  • Complete handling and logistics solutions
  • Automatic storage system for dies and profiles, bundle and baskets
Melting Technology - Industrial Furnaces

Melting Technology

  • Single and Double chamber melting furnaces
  • Holding furnaces
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Revamping of existing furnaces
  • UBC and aluminium scrap decoaters
  • Stirrer (Low energy consumption)