COIM HEATER Advantages

COIM's system allows incomparable performances in terms of heat recover from the exhausts of combustions. It has been representing the technical reference for many competitors, trying to reproduce it without success.
Our guaranteed gas consumptions remain the lowest on the market and can be assured also with low productivity.

Z.P.E. Zero Pollution Energy Advantages

ZPE is a system that allows the saving of energy with an average consumption of 165 kWh/Ton*

No additional transformer needed.
Temperature uniformity and repeatability ± 3 °C.
Taper up to 100 °C/m.
Less cooling capacity needed.

* the value is measured on the average of the real consumption obtained from existing magnetic heaters and it varies depending on production


A system of PRESEZZI EXTRUSION, the Energy Saving System is the one of the our best result of innovation for Aluminium, Copper and Brass presses.

M.P.C.T. Mist Profile Cooling Technology Advantages

Modular quench consisting of 3 completely independent areas with mainfolds for mix or water only.
The quench for mixed air / water supply (FOG) and intensive water reduces to a minimum the deformations by means of the heat exchange balance.
The accurate micro-adjustment of the fluids allows to control the size of the water droplets deleting the Leidenfrost effect.
Reduction of the profile scrap at the first extrusion.

L.E.C. Low Energy Consumption Advantages

In a single chamber melting furnace with 80t capacity working with the new Low Energy Consumption Stirrer we can achieve the following hourly energy consumption: ((33 kW * 20 minutes) + (22 kW * 40 minutes)) / 60 minutes = 25,66 kWh

The traditional electromagnetic stirring technology consumption is around 105 kWh. Considering 330 days/year of operation the annual energy saving working with the Low Energy Consumption Stirrer instead of with traditional stirrer is: (105 kWh – 25,66 kWh) * 20 h/day * 330 days/year = 523.644 kW / year.