The creation of the Presezzi Extrusion Group now means that customers can entrust all their extrusion requirements to a single, consolidated industrial reality, whose management dedicates itself to a constant technological growth, supported by the continuous, highly qualified activities in its R&D department.

Why Presezzi Extrusion Group:

  • The highest possible level of technical specialization in the field;

  • The utmost flexibility in the supply of complete turn-key installations as well as standalone units ;

  • Research and Development, one of the most important objectives for investments within the group, involving all the best technical and design resources and which has been made the principal objective for all our customers: energy savings, complete software solutions and programs for handling the production process, excellent quality of the finished extruded product as well as a reduction in overheads;
  • Perfect synergy between the realities of the production and service departments within the group;

  • Being considered as a candidate as the main contractor in order to simplify the handling of financial matters for the customer as well as ensuring punctual delivery for machinery and complete plants;

  • The capacity to listen to our customers has been one of the main priorities of the group over the years and has enabled us to fulfill the most widespread and varied requirements by customizing, when required, any type of installation to raise the productive standards and final results of the supply.

Together for Complete Extrusion Lines:

Coim - Gas-fired billet heaters


  • Gas-fired billet heaters
  • Aluminum, Hard Alloys, Brass, Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Hot logs shears for aluminum logs
  • Hot log saws for aluminum logs
  • Heat treatment furnaces (batch or continuous) for bars, rods and tubes
  • Automatic handling machines and storages for billets and logs
Presezzi Extrusion - Extrusion Presses

Presezzi Extrusion

  • Complete Extrusion Lines
  • Turn key main contractor
  • Extrusion Presses
  • Aluminium, Hard Alloy, Copper and Brass, Shaped Profiles, Solid Profiles, Rods and Hollow Shaped Profiles
  • Scalper system
  • Billets Descaler
  • Intensive cooling
  • Tooling press spare part
  • Revamping of existing press
  • Revamping of existing extrusion plant
Profile Automation - Automatic wrapping lines

Profile Automation

  • Automatic wrapping lines
  • Adhesive film application
  • Box preparation
  • Strapping lines
  • Packing line for PVC
  • Complete handling and logistics solutions
  • Automatic storage system for dies and profiles, bundle and baskets
Melting Technology - Industrial Furnaces

Melting Technology

  • Single and Double chamber melting furnaces
  • Holding furnaces
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Revamping of existing furnaces
  • UBC and aluminium scrap decoaters
  • Stirrer (Low energy consumption)