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Driven by changing market conditions and as part of China’s adoption of low-carbon CO2 processes, Jiangsu Lincal New Material Industrial CO. LTD. chooses Presezzi Extrusion for its new 60 MN – 12” front loading extrusion press, that will be installed in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. With its extensive experience, advanced technology, first-class experts, and new production facilities, Jiangsu Lincal has contributed to a higher quality of life of the Jiangsu Province, through the supply of materials to a diverse range of industries.

The choice of Presezzi Extrusion technology was based on our company’s solid reference list and, also, to the accurate machine tolerances of the press frame allow for perfect profile shaping. Unlike our competitors solutions (offering standard features) all the special options studied have been tailored and fine-tuned to fit the Jiangsu Lincal final requirements. This press is to be 100% manufactured in Italy and will be equipped with the latest technological packages developed by Presezzi Extrusion Group, including the PE.E.S.S.® environmental friendly energy-saving system. This will permit a reduction in installed power and energy consumption: our unique system is capable to stop the unnecessary pumps during the extrusion phase, therefore reducing the energy consumption and notably enhances the performance in terms Dead Cycle Time reduction and consequently productivity increase. The press will be equipped with fully electric billet loader and high speed die change station. The HMI solution with dedicated control pulpit is designed for an extraordinary experience of the machine control, for integrated diagnostics and energy management, meeting industry 4.0 machinery feedback, including maintenance and remote service support.

The commissioning of the press is planned for the 1st quarter of 2021. In the rapidly developing and highly competitive Chinese aluminum industry, this project will reinforce Jiangsu Lincal as a leading producer. With the performance of the selected Presezzi Extrusion technology this press will stand as a flag-ship for Jiangsu Lincal for many years to come. The perfect combination of the mechanical equipment powered by Presezzi Extrusion electrical and automation systems guarantee remarkable efficiency in terms of hourly production costs (OpEx); thus providing Jiangsu Lincal with the shortest return on investment and high market competitiveness, in full respect of the environment.

The brilliance of the results we obtain is a mirror of the passion of the people who work on our projects, their perseverance, their resilience: a unique and distinctive wealth of knowledge. We remain beside our partners, step by step, day by day, with our focus, our passion, our experience and our services: together, we will be stronger than before.

Jiangsu Lincal chooses Presezzi Extrusion for its front loading extrusion press