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20th February 2020: the day the news of Coronavirus "patient 1" was announced.
Since that day, which already seems so long ago, we have been living in a situation which has been constantly changing.

Swiftness, which is one of the main characteristics of the Covid-19 virus, can also be used to define our reaction to its spreading.

In this period of a worldwide emergency (pandemic), which sees everyone united against a mutual adversary, we wish to convey a message of strength, hope and positivity to all our customers, employees, suppliers and collaborators.

In spite of the exceptional circumstances that we are going through, our duty to support our customers' business interests remains paramount, in actual fact it encourages us on to do even more at the same time, by constantly and scrupulously maintaining the measures required for the ensure the complete health and safety of our colleagues. Our teams continue to work to go ahead with the installation work at our various customer worksites in different parts of the world, from Australia to North America as well as Mexico, working in full cooperation with our customers in order to finish the tasks at hand and proudly say together "we've done it!"

Aluminio de Baja California – Messico

Complete Horizontal Continuous
Casting Plant for Billets 7”- 8”- 10”

Alexandria Extrusion Company – USA

Complete Extrusion Line with
26 MN (20 MN) 8”/7”
Front Loading Extrusion Press

G. James – Australia

Complete Extrusion Line
with 26 MN 8” Front Loading Extrusion Press

Many thanks and have a great day,
Presezzi Extrusion Group