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Eurometal S.A. (EKO-SWIAT Group) in Poland, after signing the first contract in 2017, recently awarded Presezzi Extrusion’s Melting Technology division the order for the design and manufacture of a second aluminium foundry plant. Eurometal S.A. is a recognised and a leading European manufacturer of innovative and high quality aluminium sheets & profiles used in such industries as automotive, transport, construction, and electronics.

The new plant will comprise a new 40t melting furnace equipped with Ultra Low NOX regenerative burners and a 30t holding furnace equipped with a very reliable electric tap-out system driven by laser sensor. The automatic charging machine and Presezzi’s patented Low Energy Consumption stirrer, manufactured during the first project, will be implemented to work effectively also with the new melting furnace. The second fan and filter bags will be added at the current fumes treatment plant, already sized and designed in 2017 for this expansion, so as to ensure the correct suction and depression values in all four furnaces.

The new technological package will enable Eurometal to boost its productivity and to continue manufacturing high quality products for its customers in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient way, thanks to significantly lower energy consumption levels.

Presezzi Extrusion is grateful to Eurometal for their continued partnership and trust in the Company’s technology and quality, we are glad to be Eurometal’s partner for their most modern foundry plant complex and to accompany Eurometal in its way into the future. The first coil is planned to be casted by third quarter 2022.