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The growing importance of aluminum in light-weight construction is accompanied by increasingly exacting requirements on extrusion technology.

Sistem Aluminyum, an ISO 9001 ISO 14001 company, has started to produce aluminum profiles in 1994, with a capacity of 800 tons with 1 press machine of 210 tons/month on 750 m2 area in Istanbul/Merter. The company had continued its production there until 1998 and then moved to its place in Istanbul/Hadımköy. The mutual strong cooperation with Presezzi Extrusion is started in 2017 with the installation of the first Presezzi Extrusion 19,5 MN extrusion press and with the installation also of the second Presezzi Extrusion 26 MN extrusion press. With the new perspectives, their facility has been modernized with the conditions of modern time on its new place in Çorlu over an area of 330.000 m2 with 60.000 m2 of closed space and with the addition of brand new complete extrusion line. With this strategic additional order Presezzi Extrusion has reconfirmed its leading position in supply of extrusion plants for aluminum industry in Turkey and worldwide.

Eco-Friendly and Quality for Sistem Aluminyum

Presezzi Extrusion capabilities in design of the new equipment, and turning ideas into end-to-end solutions of technological excellence are focused to create long term value for Customer. Presezzi Extrusion Group offers turnkey solutions for innovative plant technology and it matters that all components are taken into service on schedule in addition to an on-time delivery of the main facilities to make sure that the customer can quickly focus again on his core business: a successful production, a competitive price and a short ROI. The perfect combination of the mechanical equipment powered by Presezzi Extrusion electrical and automation systems guarantees remarkable efficiency in terms of hourly production costs.

To fulfill the demanding requirements the extremely flexible Presezzi Extrusion line will be designed with the following key design figures:

  • 40MN Front Loading Extrusion Press 10”, that is equipped with the unique and well-established PE.E.S.S.® energy saving system, that allows a consistent energy saving and notably enhances the performance in terms of dead cycle time reduction, reduced OpEx and consequently productivity increase;
  • COIM log heating oven with an hot logs saw, that guarantees perfectly uniform heating for the billets or logs, both across the diameter section as well as in the lengthwise direction.
  • Complete downstream with cooling system air/water. Instruments such as valves, pumps and sensors are always accessible and thus enable simple and ergonomic control and maintenance. To determine the dimensioning of the cooling systems Presezzi Extrusion uses its self-developed software. The employed mathematical model has proved successful over the years;
  • Single puller complete with puller saw machine for fly cut. he use of advanced technology allows full control of the machines, guaranteeing a level of quality and safety;
  • Complete automated cooling table and stretcher;
  • Finishing saw machine and automatic profile stacker up to 10 meters. In the cold-cut area the precision cutting saw with optimum exhaust system is particularly important. It offers optimal chip extraction, precision-cut dimensional stops with high accuracy.

The new technological package will enable the Sistem Aluminyum to boost its productivity and to continue manufacturing high quality products for its customers in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient way, thanks to significantly lower energy consumption levels.

Presezzi Extrusion is grateful to Sistem Aluminyum for their continued partnership and trust in our Company’s technology and quality, we are glad to be Sistem Aluminyum’s partner for their most modern extrusion complex and to accompany Sistem Aluminyum in its way into the future.

The project is planned to be executed on a fast trach schedule with first extrusion by middle 2021.