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Sistem Aluminyum, an ISO 9001 ISO 14001 company, has started to produce aluminum profiles in 1994, with a capacity of 800 tons with 1 press machine of 210 tons/month on 750 m2 area in Istanbul/Merter. The company had continued its production there until 1998 and then moved to its place in Istanbul/Hadımköy.

Sistem Aluminuim has placed a new order (the forth in three years!) with Presezzi Extrusion, for the supply of a 19.5 MN short stroke front loading extrusion press. The press is to be installed in a new workshop and can handle aluminum billets up to 1.100 millimeters in length.

The extrusion press will be used to produce high precision profiles for the automotive, structural and aerospace industries. These type of applications requires aluminum alloys with high strength value. The Presezzi Extrusion shorter front-loader fits perfectly with this specific application: it increases the stiffness of the press, allowing dynamic motion sequences with short non-productive times increasing productivity and achieving excellent profile quality.

The press is equipped with the unique PE.E.S.S. energy saving system, that allows a consistent energy saving and notably enhances the performance in terms of dead cycle time reduction, reduced OpEx and consequently productivity increase. The press operator monitors and controls the entire production process: the human-machine interface includes an alarm function and provides diagnoses in the event of a malfunction in the production processes.

Presezzi Extrusion is grateful to Sistem Aluminyum for their continued partnership and trust in the Company’s technology and quality, we are glad to be Sistem Aluminyum’s partner for their most modern extrusion complex and to accompany Sistem Aluminyum in its way into the future.

The project is planned to be executed on a fast trach schedule with first extrusion by third quarter 2021.