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Melting Technology (Presezzi Extrusion division) has been awarded an order for the new degasser by Gautschi R&D center. The Casthouse (R)Evolution Center (C-R-C) in Ranshofen, Austria is a full-scale industrial foundry, offering a horizontal casting facility operated by HPI and a vertical casting facility operated by Gautschi. Both facilities are available for customer demonstrations, alloy trials, operator training, and small, quick and/or special production runs.

The facilities will also be used to further develop the state-of-the-art molds and casting systems of both companies, including all related aspects such as safety, quality, metal yield, and productivity. The 2R-PLUS DEGASSER by Melting Technology, due to the special high speed rotors & stators technology, disperses each argon bubble into many small bubbles, which increases the overall surface area of bubbles in the melt with minimal disturbance of the melt surface and significantly improves the degassing efficiency minimizing the impurities levels guarantee top quality.

Gautschi’s chooses Presezzi Extrusion Group