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Following the 10 inch press and furnace investment from Presezzi Extrusion Group, Akpa Aluminyum As from Turkey has chosen again Presezzi Extrusion Group as the supplier for their new 8 inch front loading press , together with a COIM feeding line (logs furnace with hot shear and billet transport plier).
The request perfectly matched with the technical and technological level of Presezzi Extrusion staff, who has also been able to meet the specific requirements thanks to the considerable experience and patented technologies. All the machines made ​​by Presezzi Extrusion Group are equipped with the most advanced automation systems and energy saving, this press too will be equipped with the very tested Energy Saving System, and will be empowered with the flawless COIM furnace.
The machines will be manufactured with the highest quality levels %100 in Italy and will have as its most important features the efficiency and accuracy of operation. The design, hardware and software and all the details will be Italian or of European origin.

Presezzi Extrusion Group for Turkish Market