The best way to improve your existing plant

Revamping can be:


Including the re-engineering of entire mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts.


Just to replace some main parts such as: main cylinder, die platen, container housing, tie rods and other mechanical parts.

Increase of the extrusion force from 65 MN TO 80,7 MN

New Main Components:

  • New Main Cylinder (complete of the necessary main bushes, gland ring, seal, etc...);
  • New Main Ram (Ø 1750 mm);
  • New Tie Rods with nr. 8 + 8 nuts;
  • New Side Shoulders for existing Container Housing;
  • N° 2 new Pre ll Valves;
  • New Pressure Pad;
  • New blocking system for the die stack.

Note: All the new main components were accurately virified by FEM/FEA calculations/analyses (According to DNV procedure/normative).

Press 35,5 MN

Replacement of a cracked Main Cylinder made in casting steel.

Our Study:

New main cylinder made in forged steel quality ASTM A105 normalised and composed by three parts: main platen, cylinder body and back end cylinder, welded together at full penetration, normalized and checked with U.S. and magnaflux inspection.
The new main cylinder was built 100% compatible to the old one.

Before Revamping
After Revamping

Press 22 MN

  • Conventional press 8” x 950 mm
  • DCT 22 sec (including Burp)

Our Study:

Modification of the cycle press from Conventional to Back or Front Loading.

Main Advantages:

  • Increase of the max length of the billet (8’’ x 1200 mm);
  • Reduction of the DCT (17,5 sec including Burp);
  • Increase of the productivity of the press;
  • Replacement of the existing inclined lower guides with new special flat lower guides, in order to improve the alignments of the container housing/moving crosshead.
Before Revamping
After Revamping

After revamping (new groups/components):

  • New Container Housing;
  • New Moving Crosshead;
  • New Billet Loader shuttle type;
  • New Flat Lower guides;
  • New Container shifting cylinders and Side Cylinders (due to the increase of the length of the billet);
  • New Electrical/Hydraulic components (to manage the new groups).

Press conventional cycle 30 MN (10'' x 1000 mm)

Situation of the press before the revamping:

  • High energy costs;
  • Long DCT (26 sec including Burp);
  • No spare parts due to obsolete-old main pumps and manifols/valves;
  • A lot of maintenance activities due to obsolete-old components;
  • Low performances and low reliability of the press.

Our Study:

  • New Main Pumps (PE. E.S.S.);
  • New main tank;
  • New Prefil-valve;
  • New manifolds/valves;
  • New piping (high/low pressure);
  • New electrical power cabinet;
  • New PLC/Software.
Before Revamping
After Revamping

Main Advantages thanks to the new Hydraulic system:

  • Reduction of about 7 sec of DCT (19,6 sec Burp included);
  • Increase of the productivity;
  • Reduction of energy costs (energy saved of about 26%);
  • Improvement of the reliability;
  • Less maintenance activities;
  • Less spare parts of the main components.