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ABC Aluminum Baja California, strengthens again its partnership with Presezzi Extrusion Group.

The fast growing Tijuana Mexico based company, has placed an order to PRESEZZI MELTING TECHNOLOGY, division of PE GROUP, covering a complete state-of-the-art horizontal continuous casting plant for billets 7", 8” & 10”. The plant consists of a whole casthouse with a double chamber melting furnace and separate holding furnace, a complete of automatic scrap charging machine and dross cooling system, a hybrid molten metal refining system, a horizontal continuous casting line and a homogenizing centre.

Centrepiece of the new line is the new Patented Low Energy Consumption Stirrer installed under the double-chamber melting furnace, highlighting once again the importance for Presezzi Group and its Customer of the energy saving policy. The resulting molten metal recirculation between the two chambers increase melting capacity, speed up the alloying process and reduce dross generation.

The molten metal, one the thermal and chemical homogeneity has been reached, is transferred in the 35-t capacity holding furnace.

Chimneys and hoods are connected to centralized suction and fumes treatment equipped with lime and activated carbon doser to ensure emissions below the limits imposed by the "Best Available Techniques" (BAT) Reference Document for the NON-FERROUS Metal Industries.

The new plant will be in full operation at the end of 2019 allowing ABC to produce high quality logs, minimizing the specific energy consumptions.

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