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Producers of aluminum extruded profile are always in need of process improvements: production systems that enhance energy efficiency and increase process reliability. To face the newly challenging and positive market trend, Kalibre Aluminyum SAN. VE TIC A.S. contracted Presezzi Extrusion for its new logs heating and cutting area 8” and 26 MN Front Loading Extrusion Press, for its new plant in Sakarya, Turkey.

At the base of this trust are several improvements made to the extrusion equipment design, e.g., reduced specific energy consumption like the PE.E.S.S® technology that makes it possible to reach the same performances in terms of dead-cycle time and extrusion speed with fewer pumps and a simplified hydraulic system. All the equipment has been engineered with the target of reducing operating expenditures, in terms of energy savings and maintenance.

COIM log charging, rapid heating furnace and log shear have been revised in order to reduce gas consumption/tons aluminum profiles. Great attention was paid to heating uniformity and the synchronization between press and furnace. Improved management of the heating curve will synchronize the press and furnace in order to deliver the billet to the press just in time and at the right temperature.

The equipment was accepted in full compliance with all the stringent contractual performance figures and to the complete satisfaction of the Kalibre Aluminyum. The successful implementation of the project demonstrated the Presezzi Extrusion team’s strong capabilities for project management, project engineering, equipment manufacturing, and site services. During the installation and commissioning period, the Presezzi Extrusion project team also responded positively and effectively to the customer’s additional optimization requirements. We are convinced that the successful implementation of this project has opened a door for future cooperation with Kalibre Aluminyum.

Once again Presezzi Extrusion demonstrates its successful approach, deeply rooted in its traditions, toward development of innovative and customized technical solutions, combined with a strong focus on customer needs.

logs heating and cutting area 8” and 26 MN Front Loading Extrusion Press