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Producers of aluminum profiles are always in need of process improvements, including controls of dimensional accuracy and production systems that enhance energy efficiency and increase process reliability and sustainability.

Aluminum Baja California (ABC), Tijuana Mexico based plant and ISO-9001:2008 certified company, due the growing market of architectural profiles of heavy shapes for facades and new industrial markets (that require aluminum shapes with precise tolerances and high mechanical properties) decided to invest in a new complete automatic extrusion line. Based on the positive previous experience with a PRESEZZI EXTRUSION 2600UST 8" press, ABC decided to continue the partnership, awarding PRESEZZI GROUP with a new challanging project, a full turn key extrusion line. This important achievement strengthened the stratigic presence of Presezzi Extrusion Group in the American market.

The extremely flexible Presezzi Extrusion line includes the latest generation of indirect extrusion press, a COIM log heating oven with an horizontal hot shear, plus a complete downstream made of HECS® cooling system air/water, double puller lateral type, flying hot saw machine, cooling bed with 120 ton stretcher, finishing saw machine and automatic profile stacker up to 16 metres. The 36MN Front Loading Extrusion Press is equipped with the unique and patented PE.E.S.S.®. energy saving system, that allows a consistent energy saving and notably enhances the performance in terms of Dead Cycle Time reduction, reduced OPEX and consequently productivity increase.

During project execution the cooperation with the ABC project team was agile, very harmonious and marked by close partnership. Thanks to the good coordination, construction and commissioning of the plant was quick and successful; on Janury 27th, 2020 ABC inaugurated the plant, with the extrusion of the first billet and the start of the pre-production phase.

Many performance activities have been accomplished and full commissioning will be completed very soon; the entire Presezzi team Is looking forward to deliver a state of the art plant with the complete satisfaction of ABC.

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