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In January 2021 Presezzi Extrusion team have performed the Factory Acceptance Tests (Dry Test) on the new complete log heating and cutting area and 18,55 MN front-loading press 7” for Alumin Techno, LLC.

The latest state of the art technology supplied to Alumin Techno, LLC will be installed in Belarus and will be commissioned by middle 2021 to produce aluminum profiles for facades, windows, and doors. Presezzi Extrusion scope of supply includes the latest generation of front-loading extrusion press and a complete log heating and cutting area.

Alumin Techno log heating and cutting area

The 18.55 MN front-loading extrusion press is equipped with the well-established system PE.E.S.S.® energy-saving system, which allows a consistent energy-saving and notably enhances the performance in terms of Dead Cycle Time reduction, reduced OPEX, and consequently productivity increase. During the test, the press and all the log heating and cutting area equipment were inspected, and some cycles performed to meet all contractual milestones before shipment.

All the tests were completed successfully to the great satisfaction of both Alumin Techno, LLC and Presezzi Extrusion teams, and the equipment was successfully accepted and cleared for shipment. The entire Presezzi Extrusion team Is looking forward to the installation and commissioning phase to deliver the most advanced and state of the art plant in the world of aluminum.

18,55 MN front-loading press 7” for Alumin Techno