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Downstream subsidiary of ALRO S.A. - one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe, measured by production capacity, Vimetco Extrusion, located in Slatina - Romania, with a notable history and forceful name on the extrusion market for more than 15 years, is a loyal long term partner for its customers supplying aluminium extruded products to various industries for most demanding purposes.
The new complete Automated Extrusion Press Line, supplied by Presezzi Extrusion spa will support Vimetco Extrusion to reach its objectives of increasing the value-added offered to shareholders, customers as well as community by reducing the impact on the environment.
By implementing the latest technologies available, the project will create an extensive portfolio of customized solutions as well as generate cost-savings and increased operational efficiency.

The New Complete 7” Extrusion Press Line, customized design, includes the installation of an automatic log warehouse that guarantees a continuous flow of material, a log brushing machine and a rapid heating oven of 3.500 kg/h, with the possibility of tapering up to 50 ° C/m. The log furnace has a consumption of 17 Nm3/ton, the lowest gas consumption guaranteed on the market. Once at temperature, the log is cut to size by a hot saw, equipped with a chip suction, after which the billet is transported to the press by means of an aerial manipulator. With a 19,5 MN Press, equipped with the ever renowned and efficient energy saving system ESS, managed by only 4 motors in total, it guarantees a dead cycle time of 12,5 sec, including the burp cycle.
After the press, there is an efficient air and water cooling system with 6 independent cooling zones for air and 12 for water, in addition to the whole run out there is also a cooling system with nozzles for an even greater result. Single puller with puller-saw machine guarantee a fly cut cycle at a maximum extrusion speed of 50 m/min, for the extrusion of profiles up to a maximum length of 60 meters.
The 35 Ton stretcher is equipped with the necessary technology to work even in "no man operation" mode. After cutting to size, we find a complete and automatic system for the stacking of the profiles and the removal of cutting scrap, including automatic evacuation of heads and tails of the profiles.
The new extrusion line includes the whole management, ageing and handling for the extruded material and baskets, all operated and tracked in a completely automatic way thanks to the DMS management system developed entirely by Presezzi, Isothermal control included.

Mr. Valerio Presezzi, founder and President: “Presezzi Extrusion is grateful to Vimetco Extrusion for this new partnership and trust in our Company’s technology and quality, we are glad to be Vimetco Extrusion’s partner for their most modern extrusion complex and accompany them in their way into the future”. “Vimetco Extrusion continues to invest in technology, securing the path for a sustainable, efficient and customer oriented business. We consider Presezzi the right partner for this endeavour as we are confident that is only the first step towards a successful ,long term partnership “- stated Mr. Igor Higer, CEO of Vimetco Extrusion.