Thermal Treatment Ovens for Aluminium

COIM designs and constructs special ovens for the thermal treatment of bars, tubes and profiles (ageing ovens, annealing furnaces, hardening furnaces, solution heat treatment furnaces) and for aluminium logs (homogenizing ovens).

In particular, COIM has developed over the years its own technology for heating by forced convection with pre-heated air high efficiency regenerative burners with the highest possible efficiency available.

The air convection can be carried out in either the lengthwise or in the crosswise direction, as the customer prefers.

A lot of attention is paid to the temperature control, mostly to ensure the right metallurgical properties required after treatment, and in particular to fulfill the strict parameters required, for example in the automotive sector (CQI-9 standards) and aerospace (AMS2750E standards).

Even from the point of view of loading and unloading ovens, COIM is in a position to supply various solutions as well as custom made concepts (batch loaded ovens or continuous loading, roller or chain conveyors, as well as transfer by walking beam).

Those extruders who choose COIM tend to be more discerning and attentive to the quality of the product, investing in productivity, lower maintenance costs and higher overall quality.

Thermal Treatment Ovens for Aluminium


  • Sturdily built and reliable.
  • Temperature control according to CQI -9 standards.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Reduced energy consumption - both gas and electricity.

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